( Why Become an Educator? )

The nail industry is begging for more education and we want to help you become a top educator that nail technicians are seeking.

We do this by bringing you the best products in the industry, and backed by our top customer service team. 

You have opportunities to guest teach at Nail Schools and work with nail students that becomes very rewarding and allows you to be a trusted mentor.

You can also work with salons or take one on one time to teach nail technicians and get paid. Not no mention we send you to to trade shows and other nail events to represent SO Gel Nails™

( SO Gel Ambassadors )

These ladies started out as Educators and are now Ambassadors for SO Gel Nails. They found success early in their Educator careeers and are busier then ever with teaching and new projects. Becky is getting set to travel across the country teaching Educator classes and Jayme is getting set to record the new SO Gel Nails video series. Each of you also have the potential to make it big if you put the time and work into this buinsess.

Becky Bunnell

SO Gel Nails Ambassador

I have not only increased my monthly income, but my biggest reward has  been helping other nail techs become all that they can be.

Jamey Carey

SO Gel Nails Ambassador

This was a no brainer for me. I am able to help others see their own ability & at the same time increase my income doing what I love.

(Kicking Off 2017 )

Las Vegas could equal huge success for you and your business. We've chosen this host city to kick off our year of educator classes for 2017. What are you waiting for? Take your business to the next level.

Las Vegas, NV

April 30th & May 1st

( Frequently Asked Questions )

Questions always come up about Educators like this, and we want to save you some time by providing you with answers to some of the questions that we see a lot. Don’t hestitate to reach out with further questions.

  • Do I need to be a licensed Nail Tech?
    Yes. Our nail products are for professional use only. We are looking for qualified Nail Technicians that want to take their nail career to the next level. These classes are to help you become an Educator to teach classes and help other Nail Technicians find success.
  • How do I sign up to become an Educator?
    Click the sign up button and then you’ll be taken to a screen where you can book your spot. (Each educator area needs to be approved before you are accepted into the Educator program.)
  • Do I have a specific area I cover?
    Yes. Each Educator is assigned a geographical area that allows them to be more effective. We work to ensure you have an area large enough to help you become successful. We are not looking to crowd an area to make an extra buck.  
  • How much are the classes?
    The Educator class fee is $500 per person. The fee includes two days of hands on training, lunch, and a SO SIMPLE gel kit. After graduation you will receive a certificate and $500 added to your SOGeNails.com account. You will also receive up to 40% off most products.
  • Tell me about SO Gel Nails™?
    SO Gel Nails™ is a hard gel company based out of Southern Utah. Our focus is on prividing healthier gel products to the nail industry. Our Gels are made in the USA with no acids, harmful monomers and are ordorless. Our Newest gel is non-yellowing with no heat spikes that is made to last. 
  • Why become an Educator?
    As an Educator you will receive up to 40% off most products. You will be added to our private Facebook Educator group, receive sample products, and exclusive SO Gel Nails™ products. You also receive up to 40% residual income from those you introduce to the company for life as an Educator. That's just the start.